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Happy Easter!!

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Not that I am being biased toward our non-Christian members, but I do celebrate Easter with my family.

Anyone doing anything special for this holiday?

Today we are going to the local arena for the Walking with Dinosaurs show that was developed from the BBC show.

Tomorrow we will color eggs.

Sunday I will make pancakes and let the kids put some jelly beans from their Easter baskets in them. (If they fill up on pancakes, they will eat less candy!!!!!)

Big fun!
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Well, working today :(

But we have a big to do at my folks house on Easter. We have a huge family and there will probably be about 40 people there. We have a big dinner, and then of course a huge easter egg hunt. There will be lots of youngins there, they love it.

Happy Easter everyone!
Happy Easter everyone I hope all enjoy..
Happy Easter everybody.

Will be spending the holiday out of town this year. Hitching up the trailer and driving to Disney World in the morning - kids have spring break next week.

Hoping most people don't have spring break :no:
We have spring break next week too, but unfortunately you wont see us at Disney World. In about 2 more years you will though
Hope you have a very Happy Easter!:10220: We aren't going anywhere on Sunday. I have hair to do, and ironing too. But on Monday I am taking the girls to Chuckie Cheese's for some excitement. Yesterday they played with the neighbor boys. They have 3 boys next door. So they rode their bikes, played Spongebob operation game, and played on the swing set outside. They wore themselves out yesterday. So if you're going to Disneyland I know the kids will tire out eventually. I hope you have a lot of fun there. I wonder if it will be crowded or not? :shrug:
We'll be off to church in the morning, then over to the mother in laws for Easter Dinner/lunch.
Only half the family is showing up tho'. Wifes brother moved to Oklahoma last year and can't make it. Wifes twin sister lives about 2hrs away, and wont be making it either.
So basically we get to spend Easter with my wifes older sister who lives 15 miles away, but we haven't seen or talked to them since Christmas. Should be fun, at least the kids get to visit.

Almost forgot the kids are getting Nintendo Wii for I see some bowling or golfing going on tomorrow afternoon.
We got our Wii for Christmas and LOVE it!!!!!!

My 50 something step father down to my 5 year old have LOADS of fun!!!!

We went to the Dinosaur show yesterday and it was AWESOME!!!!!

Today we colored eggs and cleaned up for the Easter Bunny's arrival.

Tomorrow we will have an early dinner at the family's house and then back to work on Monday..... boo hiss.
Sadly enough I'm spending my Easter with the flu...hopefully I'll be back in a few days feeling better...

Hope you get better soon terri!
We got our Wii for Christmas and LOVE it!!!!!!

My 50 something step father down to my 5 year old have LOADS of fun!!!!
You aren't kidding....been playing all afternoon and night. The whole family loves it.

terri01p I hope you feel better, seems the flu is really going around. Seen a few people at church today, under the weather.
Is this the same thing or similar to the nintendo DS? I have seen kids playing those, but it may be different.
Mailfire the DS is a hand held, the WII is a full size console with wireless controlers....
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