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Fruit Medley

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Fruit Medley

1 can peach or apricot pie filling (21 oz.)
2 cans (15 oz. each) fruit cocktail, drained
1 can (20 oz.) pineapple chunks, drained
1 can (15 oz.) mandarin oranges, drained
2 medium bananas, sliced

Combine pie filling and canned fruits. Cover and refrigerate if possible, not good at room temperature. Stir in bananas just before serving.

Used From "Taste of Home Cooking"
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That sounds like a great nutritious dessert! I am always looking for those for my daughter. She loves fruit so I bet she would love it.
This would be an awesome thing to do with the pie filling that is left over after you make a couple mountain pies and have 3/4 of a can of filling left!!!
I just wanted to thank you for the fruit recipe! We eat fruit like apples, oranges, and grapes. I use the fruit filling for pies mostly, but I think it's a great way to get some delicious snacks. Children usually like to try something new. It's sound like you don't have any picky eaters. Yay!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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