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This is a great dutch oven recipe for a high energy breakfast bread.

4 c Pancake mix
4 ts Cinnamon
1 c Raisins -- golden preferred
1/2 c Dried apples -- chopped
1 c Almonds -- chopped
1 c Coconut -- shredded
1/2 pk Dry scrambled egg mix
4 c Shredded carrots
1 c Oil or Margarine
2 ts Vanilla -- optional
1 c Honey -- or sugar
1 1/4 c Water

All you do is mix the pancake mix, cinnamon, raisins, dried apple pieces, almonds, coconut, and scrambled egg mix. Out nto a zip lock gallon bag. Add Sugar if using it instead of honey. Peel and shred carrots to approximate 4 cups (a little more or less does not make much of a difference). Pack carrots into a zip lock bag. If using oil and honey, pre-measure into a 1pint plastic bottle with the vanilla. When you get to the campsite If using margarine melt it in a small container made of aluminum foil Add the oil-honey (if using it), carrots, and water to the dry mix and mix well. If there is liquid with the carrots add it to the dry mix too. Put into a lightly oiled dutch oven and bake 25-35 minutes with about 20 pieces of charcoal on the top and 10-15 on the bottom. Check after 15-20 minutes.
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