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Friends why you not....

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I have really enjoyed this forum. It has renewed my camping thoughts as well as given me many good suggestions and provided lots of information. I think it would be great to upload some pictures with your posts, if they are related to a certain problem, or maybe for a campground review. I would be very interested in seeing some pics of the places you have camped.
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That's a great idea about posts with pictures on them. We always look at things with pictures on them first. It captures your attention. It can also get your point across about something you're talking about.
I keep meaning to get my pics uploaded. I have so many. The problem is I have to get them scanned into the computer first.

Well the big job is going through the albums to find the pics I want to display, then getting them scanned and then getting them in a folder so that I have them ready when I want to post them.
Sounds like a rainy day project to me. :whistling:
Thank goodness for digital cameras :thumbup1: I used to scan pics to upload and all that, and I dont miss it one bit
I have a digital camera also. My problem with that is I accidentally make my picture too large. SO after I get them in the computer, I can't load them on most websites. The images are too big to upload. So I need to get my instruction book for the camera out. Then adjust the camera.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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