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The mexican cuisine has a wide variety of dish in it and the most sought after is its wide variety of appetizers that are well known all over the world. The mexican appetizers are well known for its intense flavouring as well as for its seasoning. Chicken, seafood to vegeatbles are used as the chief ingredients for the mexican appetizers.
The appetizers that are found in the mexican restaurants santa monica are of very good quality. Theese mexiacn restaurnats in santa monica provides a wide variety in the appetizer section by creating more and more innovative recipes in this field of the mexican cuisine. Thereore the mexican restaurants in this place are very much famous.
One such mouth – watering mexican appetizer that is sought after in these mexican restaurants in santa monica is the mexican dish – flauta. This is yet another non- vegetarian dish in the appetizer section of the mexican cuisine. This is because chicken is used in this dish as the chief ingredient. Therefore you can imagine how tasty this appetizer would be.
This non – vegetarian dish is easy to cook because this recipe is very much easy to prepare. All the ingredients that are used in this yummy dish are used in our day to day cooking. Therefore you don’t have to purcahse any kind of special food materials while preparing this dish. Just make sure who have all of them at your kitchen.
As discussed above the chief ingredient is chicken which is cooked up as well as diced for preparing it well. Corn tortillas which are thin in texture are used in this dish. Flour, chicken broth, pepper as well as chopped green chiles are some of the ingredients in this dish. This mexican dish – flauta will definitely be a treat in your home.
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