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First camping trip of the year this weekend!

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Well, I am going home to start the never ending packing for camping this weekend. The weather is holding pretty steady, so we are going camping at Arkabutla lake in Mississippi this weekend. It will be our first trip of the year, my daughter is so excited she cant stand it. She has been ready to go for weeks:shrug:
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Oh how exciting.... I am green with envy.

Be safe and have fun!!! Give us the report when you are back so we can live vicariously!!!
Yep rub it in :)

Have fun, be safe, update us when you get back!
Great! Wish I was too. Whats on the agenda while your there? Anything special, or just relaxing?

Yall have fun
Oh how exciting.... I am green with envy.

Be safe and have fun!!! Give us the report when you are back so we can live vicariously!!!
I'm also envious....but also can't wait for you to post photos when you get back. It's still cold here, 48* today, but 20's at night. We'll probably go within the next couple of weeks.

I need at least a mid 50's day to bring the camper to the house and clean it out, and prep it for the season. After that I'll be ready...hopefully.

Thought of something are you going Geocaching while you are camping this weekend? You know you want to.:rotflmao1:
Well, I am all packed and ready to go. I decided to dewinterize the camper at the campground. I just filled up the fresh water tank tonight, that way I can just pull into the dump station, run the pump and let it all go in the dump, flip the bypass switch and back in business.

It was mid 70's here today, very nice, but windy. Supposed to rain friday, but still will be in the upper 60's low 70. Its not supposed to be below 50's at night all weekend, so it should be nice. I been seeing a lot of rvs cruising the roads around here lately.

I am glad you mentioned the geocaching, I need to revisit that and see whats around there. I am going to try that this year, for sure. I did look some of them up a while back, and there was some within a mile of where I work, got me curious :scratchhead:
I hope the weather holds for you all. Boy am I ever ready for a camping trip. Have a great time and we'll talk about you while your gone...hehe
It is gettin to be that time. Not quite for us, but it wont be long. I am ready!
Well, I got down to the campground and got everything setup. Got the camper dewinterized and flushed. Pretty much had pick of the litter, the campground was only about a 1/4 full. Had a few cold ones, built a fire, was a beautiful night.

I patted out some burgers and marinated them, and when I had enough coals ready, I folded over the firepit grill/grate thats attached to the fire ring, put some aluminum foil down, poked holes all in it and grilled the burgers right over the wood coals. I have done this several times, but let me tell you, if you have never cooked them over wood coals like this, your missing out. It makes a mean burger :icon_smile_bbq:. Best burgers I have ever cooked. Matter of fact, I just had the leftover burger for lunch, it was as good as last night.
Oh man........You had to rub it in eh.....I still have 4' of snow on my front lawn. I'm Jealous! :(
Have a great time. Let us know how it went.
Well, we are back. You didnt miss much. It all started out great, but friday night it rained so everything was wet when we got up. Saturday it was cloudy and much cooler 50's, and then rained for about 2 hours off and on. The wife is in pain all weekend with a bad sinus infection, so she wasnt up to par at all.

We did have some friends come to the campsite and cook out with us last night and tie one on.

This morning, no more than we woke up, it starts pouring again. So we packed up and loaded everything in the rain.

Not a great first start, but we still got to camp. Had some nice campfires and some good eating. Didnt take many pics as the weather just was terrible, but will put up a few tomorrow from the one (non rain) day we had. Hitting the bed, wore out!
Well that happens. Sorry it didn't turn out all that great. I hope she's feeling better. I've done my fair share of caming in the rain and I'm sure there is a few more to come and I don't like it all that much. Well at least you got out and had a little bit of fun.
Sorry to hear the first trip was a wet one..

Hey look at the bright side my trailer is still buried in snow :thumbdown:
Hate to hear of the rainy start, but at least you got started. I have also done my share of rainy camping and its not the best, but still beats being at home I think, unless it just rains the entire time there, which is miserable.
A bad week...

1. Camping
2. Fishing
3. Golfing
4. Fill in with any activity better than a good week at work :thumbup1:
Hate to hear about the weather, but I tend to agree, bad day of camping is better that a great day working. Besides had you been at home all weekend, you would probably have had honey do's to tend to anyway :)
It was nice we were close to home so that it didn't seem quite so bad to pack up and leave. What is a honey-do list? :scratchhead: Or I guess I should say-do those honey do lists really work? :whipyobut:
Here is a few pics from the one "non rain" time we had. Not much to look at, but proof we were there at least...

There is no awning out, well for two reasons. One, it was windy as ^$%$. and two, I kinda broke a piece on it, that last trip in 2007, havent fixed that yet.

Beware of dog

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Get some awning tie downs - I don't worry about wind anymore.

Also, I bet you have condensation inside that canvas roof - check out the Popup Gizmos (I added the product just now). They fit over those bunk ends, and you can either put the silver side up to reflect heat or the silver side down to retain heat. I got tired of waking up to all the moisture falling over me. Using these and some fans to keep the air circulating, it never rains on me in the morning anymore.
Actually I do have some of the awning deflappers, and they do work good. I couldnt have let the awning out either way, the little square piece that slides up and down when you raise and lower the awning broke on one side. I have to get that fixed, we have some painful sunny summers here, cant live without that awning.

I do get some condensation through the canvas, although it has never gotten on us. Well, unless the little one starts pushing on it, then it happens :)

During the summer, we have a fan that came with the camper and plugs in right in front of our bed, which we always use to.

I will look at that gizmo, sounds like a good investment. Thanks for the suggestion! When it starts getting hot and muggy, we will sure need it.
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