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I started out with a RAM 1500, 1/2 ton, pulling a 30 Ft 5th wheel. Of course I didn't do my research and listened to the RV dealer and he stated that my truck was more than enough. I knew that it wasn't 'more' than enough, but figured it would be ok, since it was a 5th wheeler. After pulling the camper a few trips and realizing that there were more exciting things to do while going down the road other than make sure there was a gas station in the next 50 miles, I traded in the 1500 and went with a Ram 3/4 ton 2500, with a 5.9 cummins. The best move I ever made. Not only did I more than double my pulling MPG from 6-8 mpg with the 1500, to 13-15 mpg with the 2500 diesel, I also have more then enough power to pull my now 37 ft 5th wheel. I sometimes wish I would have went ahead and got the 3500, but I don't regret the non-pulling 23 mpg I get when I drive to work.
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