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Everyone ready for Christmas?

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If you need any last minute gift ideas for me, just let me know:10311:

A camping world gift card works great for those who are dying to get me something.
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I'm ready. I finished last week. I only had to buy one gift and that was for my wife. She finished a few weeks ago. We're right on top of it this year. Most of the shopping was ordered on line. I don't do so well in traffic and huge line ups. Sears and Costco tend to be the best places to shop for everyone but for the kids Toys R Us is the place of choice.
Yep, I am done too. not alot to buy when single and no kids. I am ready for some time off though, thats for sure.
Christmas has gone.Me my family and friens ejoyed a lot the celebritions a nd marry makings.I am very much vigorous in celebrating Christmas.
I really enjoy Christmas when it's here. But there's a part of me that is ready for it to go. When the New Year is here I forget about the whole thing. I don't like stressing over the holidays. There's way to much anticipation, most people end up disappointed. Enjoy what you can and go on !
It was fun, but I am glad its over too. Seems like christmas goes for weeks around here, lots of family gatherings to attend. Its fun, but in the end your glad its over.
That sounds like me too. The family gatherings are less though. I do spend time at different functions like Christmas concerts. And we go to my friends house for goodies like cookies, bread, and tea. She loves to bake, so I eat all of it.:clapping:
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