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Dinner In A Can by Harvey

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Recipe Ingredients:

* 1 thin boneless pork chop per person
* baby carrots
* potatoes (red so you don't have to peel them)
* onions
* little bit of oil
* Coffee can
* tin foil

Cooking instructions:
Wash all the vegetables. Clean the coffee cans thoroughly, then put a little bit of butter/oil in the bottom of each can. Brown each pork chop over the fire in the cans. After each pork chop is browned, put 1-2(depending on the size) in the bottom of each can. Add baby carrots, diced potatoes, and onions. Put a little bit of butter in each can, cover with foil then place it in the fire(coals) for about 20-40 minutes. Stirring every now and then.

Probably the first time you do it you will mess up, but it is not really hard. Don't forget the onions because the moisture in the onions helps keep the meat moist.

Lots of fun. Tastes wonderful. Easy once you get the hang of it. Enjoy!!!
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