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In North America we have four major deserts .
Chihuahuan Desert.
Great Basin Desert.
Mojave Desert.
Sonoran Desert.

And what you ask makes the desert so appealing? Because it is the same now as it was from the beginning of time, 'Our Magnificent Creation.'
Something interesting regarding the Mojave Desert is that the Mojave River flows under the desert floor and will surface in a few locations. The animals know where their location is. The river flows east to west, and covers the area from Joshua Tree National Park all the way north to Death Valley.

Desert USA is a free publication that will be e-mailed to you on a monthly basis. It's very informative with subjects that include, Route 66, ghost towns, desert vegetation and animal life. This also includes articles and pictures on hiking, sites to see, and off-roading.

Desert Biomes by DesertUSA
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