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I've recently bought two used Coleman propane catalytic heaters, and one that I bought on Ebay described as new, never used in box. Two used ones are models 5033 and 5038, the "new one" in box indeed looks brand new. All look similar, they have a round heating head with a metal grid covering the heating element to protect them. All use propane.

Question: the two used ones only glow orange on the heater head on about 1/3 to 1/2 of the heater head, the rest of the head does not glow. Assuming these heaters are partially worn out.

But the new one is better, but that one glows orange in an even circular patter that starts from the edge of the heater head to about 1/2 of the way towards the center, leaving a perfect circle that is not glowing orange--it stays dark. Since that pattern of the new heater is very even in the illumination level on the heater head, I am wondering if this is the way it should appear after it has been lit for 15 minutes or so (outer portion of heater head glows orange, inner circle of head does not glow and is black/dark) or should the whole heater head including center portion glow an even orange?

Hoping someone out there has used these heaters and can tell me if the new one is operating properly or not based on this appearance. I believe the propane catalytic heaters made by Coleman have not been made in many years, does any one know the last year or decade when they were made?

I believe there were issues with lawsuits due to people becoming ill or dying while sleeping with these heaters running all night in their tent or other enclosure.
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