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Camping this weekend?

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Ok, who's going, gone, wish they were going?

We are not able to go this weekend unfortunately. However, being that it is 95 plus degrees everyday with high humidity, I am almost ok with that :shrug:

The in laws were here last week from MN, and they nearly melted. I think it was in the upper 70's back at their place, and they couldnt understand why we lived here. I said, well, call me anytime between November and March when they have 3 feet of snow and in minus degrees, and I will remind you why we live here :rotflmao1:
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Leaving out early Sunday to head to the mountains til the following Sunday. We will drop the 8 year old off at the Lutheran Camp Sunday-Wednesday, and we'll drop the 10 year old at scout camp Thursday-Sunday.
We had hoped to go tonight but there's been a death in the family and I'm flying to Edmonton for a few days.

Next weekend - Aug 2, 3, 4 - is a long weekend so we'll hit the road after work on Friday.

for Debbie, she was only 32
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cagemaja, very sorry to hear about the death in the family, that is never easy. Be safe traveling,.
:comfort_: Sorry to hear of your loss Cagemaja.

I hope you and your family enjoyed some solice in each other's company during this difficult time.
I too am sorry to hear of your loss Cagemaja. 32, wow. So young.

We just got from a great weekend of camping with friends and thier 3 kids. We went to a place we like to go to at least twice a year called Silent Valley. It's a beautiful priviate park. we arrived on Friday and came home on Monday. So it was a nice long weekend and all the kids had a great time. They left on Sunday morning so we had a night to our selves. I did a lot of cooking. Saturday's breakfast was a dozen eggs and a full pound of beacon and a loaf of bread for toast. But, I had fun. We did get hit by a big storm on Sunday while I was cooking over the fire pit for diner. I got soaked!!!! But it was nice because it was so hot during the day. The kids stayed in the trailer and watch Cars for the millionth time. Just once that day but my son loves that movie and he watches it in the car every day. Everyone got fed and the rain stopped the sky's were clear and the stars were bright. It was a nice get away.
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Thank you for your condolences. I got home last night and am READY TO CAMP THIS WEEKEND!

We're actually going to take the trailer out to the campground today (the closest non-municipal cg is about 20 minutes out of town) so that we're guaranteed a spot for the long weekend. It's a provincial park and they don't take reservations. The weather has been horrible for weeks but the forecast is promising...shhh, I'm whispering so as not to jinx it.


If you're wondering why we're camping so close to home if it's a long weekend, my hubby may have to work - that's how it is when you're the boss.

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