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IMO domes should be better, in general, for high winds than vertical walled tents. My quick setup short weekend tent is a dome.
However, wind resistance also has much to do with the guy lines, tent loops and stakes. The only tent that I have had blow away (getting hung up in some bushes was the only reason that it was not lost in a river) was a dome that used a few bent wire type stakes in loose sandy soil; hardly the best setup.
Since going to relatively large formed aluminum military tent stakes and after I started setting up in tree sheltered areas, I have not had a problem: I avoid camping in valleys that tend to funnel the wind and on ridge tops that catch every breeze.

My favorite tent is basically a cube with straight vertical walls; I use either long sand stakes or nail stakes and every guy line & loop to to keep it in place, besides trying to maximize the terrain features/site selection for wind protection. I purchased some, relatively, long lag screws (ala, MacGuyver, a known poster here and on other forums) that should increase the hold down force; but haven't tried using them yet. Even with basic 10" nail stakes, though, I haven't had any wind issues with it.

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