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Here's a camping supply check list we use. Feel free to print it off and use it the next time you pack for a camping trip. Also, feel free to add other supplies.

___Ground tarp
___Broom and dust pan

___Air mattress
___Air pump
___Sleeping bag
___Blankets and sheets

___Jugs of water
___Propane stove
___Lighter or matches
___Firewood and paper
___Plates and bowls
___Aluminum foil
___Paper towels
___Trash bags
___Dish soap
___Cooking oil or cooking spray
___Pots and pans
___Pot holders
___Dishwashing container
___Cooking utensils
___Grilling utensils
___Can opener
___Bottle opener
___Pie irons
___Roasting sticks
___Ziplock bags
___Sponges or dish rags

___Shoes and flip flops
___Pants and shorts
___Sweatshirts or jackets
___Raincoat or poncho

___Soap and shampoo
___Toothbrush and toothpaste
___Toilet paper

___Sunscreen and chapstick
___Lantern and flashlight
___Bug spray
___Bungi cords or straps
___Pen and paper
___Fishing gear
___Camp chairs
___First aid kit
___Saw or axe
___Cell phone
___Alarm clock


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Wacky Otter,

Thanks for sharing. I just realize that those of us with camping trailers are fortunate since a lot of the items on your list stays in our trailers. Having just packed up of a trip I realized that even us trailer campers do have to make a list of things to take.

My worse experience was forgetting the linen, blankets, towels, table cloth that had been taken home and washed after a previous trip. We survived but I will not make that mistake again.


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my wife is big on list too, i'm not complaining, she don't forget much. i came up with about the same idea. i made her a list in MS Excel and redid it a couple of times before i got it right. now she just prints it off the comuter and checks items off as we load them. i've also got a list now for hooking-up and loading my stuff (check tires, load fire wood, GPS and cigars), we even have a list for the dogs stuff. best thing we did was make a food list, we always carry a lot of the same foods (cooking out type stuff), after a few trips of adding to the list, all we have to do is print it out and head to wal-mart. i used to make fun of her list and walking around with a clip board, but we've got what we need when we get there and the pre-made lists save a lot of time.

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Well if it were my list, toilet paper would be at the top of the list....LOL!!!! Thanks for sharing. If I haven't already said it on another thread, welcome to the forum.

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Hi Wackyotter,

Thanks for the list, could come in handy. I remember the very first time my husband and I took out our Class A. We're rolling down the road having a great time and after we crossed over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, I'm sitting there taking mental inventory of all the things that we brought for our new adventure. All of a sudden I yell crap, my husband says whats wrong, I say I forgot my clothes. Moral of the storey always double check, and thank God for Walmart in a pinch. Its a funny storey now! Now so then.

With Kind Regards,

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And don't forget to store the TP (or 2 or 3) in a ziplock bag. If there is ANY water around it will find your paper and when it's already wet it don't work so good.

I have 3 different lists for Tenting, Backpacking and RVing. Then we use different lists depending the type of vacation travel, too - cruise, flying, driving, etc. I am pretty intense when it comes to planning, but I've NEVER had an issue I wasn't prepared to handle.

You forgot your clothing? LOL, but not really. That happened to my sister when she went on a trip with us (in her case she went to a SuperTarget). Now she asks for our list depending on the type of trip we are taking her with us. She has not messed up since. She loves coming with us since we are so organized.

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Hi Artmart,

Yes I really did that and no it wasn't funny at the time, I was so excited about going on our very first RV trip that I forgot the neatly folded clothes on top of my bed. Oops ;-)

With Kind Regards,

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And the taxidermy and butcher equipment, only if you are a do-it-yourselfer, otherwise one or two more people to bring along. This list is getting long.
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