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Camping Gear Organization

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Gear Organization Boxes can be beneficial if you pick a system and work from that. I've been using these (no affiliation with them) for a few seasons now and really like 'em. You can have various sized cases for a given bulk of gear (by category), they have a weather resistant seal (I have yet to see these leak, so long as I close them up), they stack and interlock together, the largest one is also your "hand truck" for moving them around after stacking them. They become guest stools for seating as well. Get as fancy or as rustic as you like for labelling them so you know what's in it. Since they break down individually, you have options for transporting them in your rig too. I buy mine at Home Depot.

I use the big one as a chuck box for cooking gear, a mid sized for daily camp basics (other than chuck box), a mid-sized for tarps/guy lines/stakes/tools/hammocks, etc., I use the small cases for things like bulk cordage and bits/bobbles for making guy lines, spare batteries, etc., the baskets for things I like to have quick at hand without opening a case and don't care if they're wet/dry (canned goods, fuel cannisters, spray lubricant, glass cleaner, etc.), and the one with a clear lid for additional small projects to work on while in camp.

The cases come with removable trays in the larger ones and removable bins for the smaller ones.
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I use hard plastic cases from Harbor Freight to organize my gear. (Hint; wait for a sale to get the best price)... they store well under the cot, but probably not well under compact/low cots...

Edit; for food ; I use moderately critter resistant ammo cans...
For clothing/soft items I use canvas duffels/totes/stuff sacks...

For moving moderate loads around camp (mostly to and from the vehicle) I use a folding, luggage hand truck (get the biggest wheels/tires, and load rating, possible for use on camp terrain)...

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