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Campfire Bacon

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This bacon is bacon that is cooked over the fire in the same way as you would cook a hot dog. You take approx 3 or 4 inch squares of unsliced slab bacon (bacon that still has the skin on it) and slice it from the meat side down to, but not through the skin. Slice it from left to right then front to back. This will produce little squares of bacon that are still attatched to the skin.
Poke four holes into the skin to allow the roasting fork to thread through. Now roast it like you would a hot dog. I like to cook it slowly as the bacon fat will cook through the skin and leave you with a piggy puff.
Now here is my spin on the colesterol thing. My theory is that anything cooked over an open fire has no cholestrol as the cholestrol goes up with the smoke. (Hey! If Darwin can have his theory I can have mine).
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