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We do these at the camper on our propane grill (I'll post a pic soon) and while tenting at state campgrounds on the adjustable shelf on the fire-ring

It's very basic, but very tasty, all you need is..
a package of english muffins
a few cans of pizza sauce
2 packs of shredded mozzerella cheese
a pack of sliced pepperoni
seasonings to taste ( red pepper flakes, italian seasoning, etc. )

On the grill; my grill has dual heat controls, so I turn the left flame on, and put the english muffins (sliced in half) on a foiled grate on the right side away from direct flame, heat the muffin halves for about 5-8 minutes till they start getting toasted, then remove, add goodies and return to grill for appx. 7 mins. or until cheese melts.

on the fire ring is essentially the same, but wait till you're down to coals, scrape the hot coals under the grate, at about mid-way as low as it will go, and follow the same process, it's a good idea to foil the grate before you light the fire, and keep it high until the fire burns down to avoid burning the foil beyond recognition. we've actually waited till the campfire was almost dead, put in charcoal waited till they were white hot and did these as a bed time snack instead of smores, or with smores, but always with local "ghost stories"
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