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Campercommunity Stickers and Tshirt Design

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We have had several interested in some car stickers and tshirts. So, what better way to do this than to have our you, our loyal camping members, help design it.

Mark (member) was nice enough to take some time to rough sketch a sticker for everyone to look over and comment on.

So here is what we have so far. Everyone please provide some input, good, bad, suggestions, however you feel.

Marks sketch for a vehicle/camper sticker

Rectangle Font Symbol Emblem Circle

There are many ways to go from here, here are a couple of other ideas that could go with what Mark has put together, such as using the marshmallow and campfire from the website

Jaw Ingredient Font Petal Dish

I have a logo (below) I used before on some shirts, which I will take some pics of how they turned out.

So lets hear what you think and I will get some T's printed up.

This was originally started here
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I think the last one is the easiest to put on a sticker and or T-Shirt.

Don't forget to list the Web Address :thumbup1:
Part of me likes the black and white logo if you do a bumper sticker or T-Shirt to prevent it from looking "funny" as it would weather/launder.

Mark's design would be AWESOME for a patch! Lots of people have camping vests with patches for where they have been.

The marshmallow might not be very distiguishable from a distance.

Just my two cents!
Here is some shirts I had made last year but as I said they are embroidered and it just doesnt work all that great on the tshirts. Screen printing will be the best bet.

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I like the shirts, they look good!
Hey all ! sorry I been gone so long... the patch is just a rough draft and since then I've improved it, but am having tech issues right now, I'll get the new and improved in asap, it has a smaller campfire, and a camper in the background between the fire and the mountains, plus it was done without the benefit of colored pencils, lol
I like Mark's colorful design for the sticker. I think it would be more noticeable on the camper.

Love the shirts, ct, and I agree. Screen printing would be much better. Have you thought of opening a store at Cafe Press where you could put the logo on all sorts of things and people could buy them without you having to carry any stock personally?
Like the trees and campers

I, too, agree that the b/w is the best and with the website. Also like the idea of a smaller design in the shoulder area. Hate having a huge picture plastered all over my front or back. kkd
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