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Camp Stew by Todd

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ground beef
any other vegtible(s) you may like

To Prepare:

Take a piece of tinfoil and lay it out. Take some ground beef, break it up and lay it on the tinfoil. Cut up some potatos and lay them on the tinfoil. Add the carrots to the tinfoil. Finally add any other veggis. Fold the tinfoil up and lay it a campfire. Cook until the beef is fully cooked through unfold and add ketchup if you like. Enjoy the Campers Stew.

I hope you enjoy this as much as we do. Would love to hear your comments on it.
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It's my goodness ctfortner, you are here. Yesterday my camping friends met me and asked for some recipe. When i told them this one, they were so much excited that they decided to make it on spot. Believe me that the campfire was prepared in the ground back side of my house. This is really great delicious dish and i was admired. Thanks ctfortner. I am really fan of your recipes.
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