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Camp Oven recipes

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Hi, I'm looking for new, different and interesting camp oven recipes to add to the recipes page of my website.
If anyone has recipes they would like to share I'd be very grateful.
Could be for meals cooked in a Dutch oven, bedourie oven, a camp oven on a gas ring or perhaps a solar oven.
There must be some fantastic recipes out there.
Cheers Ray
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here's a link to one of my blogs on stuff that i cook when camping. not much there yet, just adding stuff as i cook it and have time to take a few pictures. you're welcome to look and check back as i add stuff.

I'd eat it.

post you're link when you're ready, i'd like to have a look.
Thanks for that Bob. Good stuff. Will continue to check your blogs. Here's a link to my site on camp ovens. Feel free to check it out.
Camp Oven Cooking
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