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since the posted list is less than complete I'll post what i bring;

A propane stove ; either a 2 burner(Coleman) or a one burner. both have appropriate regulators & hoses.
Propane; usually a 1 pound green can. but can be a 10, 20, or 30 pound tank.
A percolator, for making coffee.
a skillet with folding handle.
A one liter kettle for heating water.
an extendable hotdog fork
A campfire grill with folding legs.
A high tech cooler or, occasionally, a 12 volt refrigerator/freezer.
usually a couple of sizes of folding/collapsible tables.
usually 4 camp chairs. (includes a spare for visitors)
Several canteens
A 2.5gallon and a 5 gallon scepter water carriers
A collapsible clothes hamper
Trash bags.

Table ware;
4 stainless place settings; knife spoon fork
usually, burnable, paper plates
2 hard plates (correl)
a coffee cup
a stainless tumbler,
at least 4 can coolers
a canteen cup
the bottle opener on my Swiss army knife
a serrated steak/vegetable knife.

Utensils, prep & cleanup;
A Lexan cutting board
A large locking folding knife
A medium fixed blade knife
a spatula
A can opener
an ove-glove (heat resistant)
3-5 BIC lighters (they often grow legs and wander off).
A folding wind shield for the stove.
A stainless bowl
a small bottle of dish soap
the bottom of one of the transport cases makes a fair sink.
a plastic pot scrubbie
a couple of dishrags and towels
salt, sugar, and a few spices.
several spring clothes pins
a length of 550 cord.

I have probably forgotten a few items...


133 Posts
Since I am trying, in part, to convert to a battery powered induction hob, for camp cooking this year I decided its time for new (induction compatible) pans.

I recently got a pair of Shineuri removable handle pans from amazon (because handles always get in the way when packing pans).
NOTE; this gear is too heavy for backpackers (I mostly vehicle tent camp)

...along with a lid, for 7 to 9.5 inch pans, to keep the splatter down (also from amazon);

Eye Wheel Automotive tire Tire Rim

... been cooking with these at home (on the induction hob and a regular electric stove) for about a week; and they work fine... the knob on the lid is too large to pack/nest well so I intend to replace it; folks getting a lid may want to consider one with a smaller knob.

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