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I know this is nowhere near the healthiest, so I try to eat a healthy breakfast when I'm at home - usually :whistling:

1 lb bacon crisp and crumbled (save grease)
32 oz bag frozen hash browns (cubes or shredded - best to get the one with peppers and onions)
1 dozen eggs
salt & pepper

Can be made over fire or stove.

In dutch oven, fry up the bacon. Crumble the bacon and put to the side. Leave grease in pot (not healthy but delicious!). Add potatoes and cook until done. Return bacon, and pour eggs over top (you can scramble ahead of time or just let them scramble while cooking). Keep turning everything in pot until eggs are done. Salt & pepper to taste.

We used to use real potatoes, but that took forever to slice and dice (and cook). We have not noticed any decrease in flavor using the frozen kind (plus they already have onions and peppers chopped up in them - another time saver). You can also cook the bacon at home ahead of time - just be sure to save the grease.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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