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Best truck to tow 25 ft. trailer

My husband and I are just now getting into the camping scene. We have our eye on a 25 ft. Airstream which weighs about 7,300 lbs., but not committed to this as of yet.
We are truck shopping and we want to get the right truck that will pull this or something comparable. Don't want to get something too small and after a few trips wish we would have gotten something larger. Does anyone have any input.
Are thinking about 1/2 ton but have heard we may want to consider 3/4 ton. We will be driving this around town as a 2nd car when not traveling so don't want something too big or too crazy on gas mileage.
Also considering diesel as have heard nothing tows like a diesel. Not planning on full time camping for a few years...just 4 day trips for this year. We are in Texas and the Toyota Tundra is making headway down here so considering that one also.
Anyone have any input/
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