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Chevy express has many advantages

We have a 33 foot travel trailer towed by a Chevy 2003 express 3500 6.0 V8 work van with the tow-haul feature. While we don't get great mileage I sincerely believe that Chevy could tow a house if it had wheels.

The work van offers us the advantage of having plenty of space for stowing my wife's art show equipment and displays, room for beds for our two dogs and two spacious seats up front for the two of us and our "stuff."

We bought the Chevy used with 63,000 miles on it and have driven it 12,000 miles with not so much as a hiccup. It burns no oil, pulls the trailer up even the steepest hills (with the air conditioning on) and even rides fairly well for a big one-ton tow truck.

While the Express is pretty spartan (no frills, even has roll up windows) and is not the best looking vehicle on the block I'd put it up against almost any other tow vehicle. This van is a real work horse.

The Chevy Express is not for you if you like fancy upholstery and interior design (actually the interior is mostly steel with a little plastic up front like the dash and door panels) but if it's raw power and dependability you want this truck sure has done the trick for us. Don't be surprised, though, if the up-front plastic looks and feels cheap, it is. Everyone I know who has an Express has experienced cracked or broken inside door panels, but that's the only complaint.

I'm sure the Ford F-350 econoline van is also a great tow vehicle but if you've been looking at the Dodge Sprinter, forget it. It has more interior space than either the Chevy or Ford but couldn't tow much more than a very small trailer. It only comes in a V6 and has very little torque for pulling power.

The work van as a tow vehicle probably only suits a few people because not everyone needs the interior space for hauling and it is useless if you have a 5th wheel.

I hope this helps someone. Thanks for reading.
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