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In days of old, when Knights were bold and toilets weren't invented,
They dropped their load, beside the road and walked away contented...

Oops, wrong load. I wanted to talk about the syncpack which is a device I use to carry about 15 to 25% backpack load on the front of your body. This helps you travel better, and prevents less tendency to lean forward to compensate for the load on your back.

Syncpack Frontpack Systems - Balance Comfort Accessibility

When I was younger I didn't care as much and just powered through my backpack and lived with the complications of the results of carrying a load like that. Now that I'm older I use walking sticks so that even my arms help out and better yet, now use a syncpack to carry a bunch of items I need along the trail but leave me better rested over longer destinations.

Since using it, even young Forest Rangers I enounter are finding this a great idea since I now carry the day's lunch, snacks, knife, water bottles, water filter, map, compass, first aid kit, GPS, flashlight, camera, pad, pencil, permits and not have to open or access the backpack at all. I find it's even easier to rest standing up since the load is better balanced and I'm not exerting energy removing or lifting the backpack over and over. I mentioned Forest Rangers because when I encountered them in the wilderness, I was able to produce the required documentation quickly and they were intrigued at the syncpack I used which minimized access time. They thought it would help them since they have a constant need to dip into their pack for something all the time and this would make it much easier.

It clips on and off quickly and has all kinds of adjustments to get the fit just right. It hugs close but not on you since it actually clips onto quick release connectors which you fasten to the backpack the first time. After that you put on your backpack nice and snug and it just snaps into place. If you do need to remove everything, you just release the top two clips and swing it down away from you and out it comes. Then it is easier to find things in this smaller package than fishing for it in the larger backpack. The framing is lightweight aluminum and the design of the upper frame telescopes so that you aren't restricted when you lean sideways forward or other movement when moving. I also bought an extra set of mounting hardware for another backpack if so desired.

This is not an endorsement as I have nothing to gain from this company. This is only a testimonial for someone who might need something like this. There are other "softer solutions", but they aren't as large and don't hold as much.

I am very pleased with this product. Now if I could keep my body in better shape I might use this more often.
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