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Bacon wrapped chicken wings!

Serves 4 adults

You’ll need:

5lbs Fresh (or completely thawed) chicken wings and or legs
1lb Bacon
Buffalo wing sauce (optional)
Choice of grill or campfire with some type of grill cover
Beverage of choice


Cut bacon strips in half (so 8” strip is 4”)

Wash chicken and then wrap with bacon, securing bacon in place with toothpicks.

Place chicken on grill and slow cook, turning as necessary until bacon is crisp golden brown and chicken is completely cooked.

Remove from grill and eat!!!

Optional - Buffalo wing sauce can be added at anytime as per personal preference – but please try a few without any sauce!!!

Caution: These will go fast and the smell of them cooking on the grill may attract “new friends” from neighboring campsites! I’ve always made extras so I could enjoy the leftovers as a midnight snack but never had any left over. So if you want to have a few as a snack later you better hide them!

enjoy, Gary
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