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Discussion Starter · #1 ·;su=user;u=219We've been to Cook's Forest once, World's End three times, and we just returned from our third trip to Parker Dam State Park. I have decided that Parker Dam is our favorite. The following link will take you to Chapter One of this year's travelogue, which has a text link to Chapter Two. I hope the community enjoys it.

Despite our miserable experience last year where it rained 11 out of 14 days and I was rushed to the hospital with cellulitis and Ron fell over a rock and really racked up his leg; despite the fact that our house was still in total disarray because of a bedroom ceiling collapse in June resulting in roofers and contractors traipsing through and us sleeping on a mattress on the dining room floor all summer; despite the fact that problems with extended family had put me into therapy and on Zoloft; and despite the fact that both of us were at the tail end of month-long bouts of killer bronchitis, we packed up our camping gear and provisions (well, I packed up, he loaded the truck) and set out once again on our annual September odyssey to the wilds of Pennsylvania. (Yeah, I know that's a wicked run-on sentence.)

(See link for rest of article.)

Chapter One -- Autumn Odyssey to Pennsylvania's Parker Dam State Park - Associated Content -
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