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Applying a tent sealer

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I am wanting to apply some tent sealer to my tent, such as tent sealer 3 or something like that. How should I apply it? On the inside or outside of the seams, or both? Not sure of the correct way to apply it.
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Tent seams are not always sealed when you get them new, I found out. Dew can also seep through the seams if not sealed. You can waterproof the tent seams pretty easily.

I suggest setting the tent up on a sunny day in the driveway or patio, some flat surface.

Apply seam sealer to all threads inside and out, including the seams on the rain fly too!

Let it dry for a few hours.

Repeat the process again and let it dry thoroughly

It is best to reseal the seams every year.

Hope this helps!
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Thank you mailfire, I will get some and be ready to do just that when it gets warm enough. Thanks for the infomative post!
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