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Any fitness fanatics out there?

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I am trying to get in better shape and have started walking. Of course I realize there are many things you can do while camping-walking, jogging, swimming, etc. for a fitness routine, but I was wondering if anyone out there has any unique workout routines?
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Walking was my favorite thing in school. I was one who walked everywhere. We lived in a town where that was very common. I had a friend who loved taking walks so we did. She lived on Buck lake, and had brothers like me. Now, I love to walk in the Sandy Bottom Park. It's gorgeous, it has trees, lakes, and boats. Because of the enjoyment, it doesn't feel like exercise?
I wouldn't call myself a fitness fanatic by any means but I do walk alot. When I go shopping, I park a couple blocks away or very far away in the parking lot.

Camping actually really helps because it is usually so easy to walk miles and feel fit and invigorated among the trees and birds. I really love climbing up the hills and following the trails through the bush.
I park far away from the store too. I love to walk and see the other people. The only time I don't park far is if I'm in a hurry. I also don't like to walk around my neighborhood. I'll go somewhere else to do that. I think I have done it once. The girls were begging me to go. It was very nice, but I like the parks better.
I am walking but it isn't taking the weight off fast enough for me. I need something I can do at the campground that is a little more "active".
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