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Another newbie, fifth wheel style

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DH and I are busy filling the fifth with what we think we will need. We just bought a used (used one month) 2007 Challenger. So far no trips, not even an overnight in the yard yet. This seems to be the place most advise us to use first. Not so far to get forgotten items. Our first major trip will be to eastern WA for a family reunion end of June. How far can we travel (NE to WA) reasonably in one day with two dogs and us? I realize answers will vary. Anyway, just wanted to say hello.
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:10220: Welcome aboard dd!

Congrats on your new (used) 5th wheel, sounds great. Bet yall are excited.

How far to travel, hmmmm. Well, here goes.

What kind of dogs, big, small? Will they be riding loose, or kenneled up?

Just you and your husband, or are there others, kids also traveling?

What type of tow vehicle do you have? Gas or diesel?

Are you new to towing something of this size, or are you pretty comfortable with towing?

I know, a lot of questions :shrug:

If your towing with a diesel, have good dogs and can tolerate each other for a while, then you can get a good ways in a day. I think you could average (interstate) 60-62mph, and just set the cruise and go as long as you feel like traveling in a day. Do you have a target site in mind for the first day?
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Hello, welcome to the site!

I think what mailfire said was pretty accurate. We tow with a youngin and a small dog, which is in a kennel. The dog is, not the child :)

However, we tow with a gas truck, which is not that fun with a heavy camper. So about 4 hours and we are all spent! I have traveled with a 5th wheel and a diesel pulling it, and you cant hardly tell its even back there, I could go a long time that way. I will be getting a diesel next year, no doubt about it.
Welcome to the lets see some pics of the new 5er:thumbup1:
Welcome to the site.

You say you haven't done even an overnighter yet - do a few of these first before you take a long haul. This will give you an idea about how long you need to factor for setup and breakdown.

The rest depends on your physical condition. I saw in another site where most recommended that you don't travel for more than 2 days in a row - spend an extra night every now and then to rest.

Be sure not to overdo it - you'll dread any other trips if you don't have fun.
Thanks for the replies

Our dogs are not small - Belgian Tervurens about 85 pounds each and hairy! Since we farm, DH knows about hauling a fifth wheel. We have an '04 heavy duty Dodge diesel. No young children, just two gks who will seldom be traveling with us. Planning to take short trips maybe 2-3 days at a time, just as soon as winter decides to leave the Great Plains. Thanks for the replies. Will send a picture as soon as I figure out how to do it.:scratchhead:
Hi there.....welcome to the will make many memories...Hopefully all not revolving around your first time out. We just bought our 4th camper..our last 5th wheel burnt to the ground in storage 2 weeks ago.....we are picking up the new one on May 1.(36 foot Sportsman)....we live 300 kms fromour dealer and so will be spending 4 days at the KOA close to Thunder Bay to try it all out..:whipyobut:..because when things go wrong and they always do with a new unit and yours is pretty new.... I want to be close to the dealer for repairs.
My one piece of advice is to get a strap for your awning or if you think it might be too windy...take it down...
Let us know how you make out....
Welcome to the site dd!
Welcome to the site dd. I don't know if you have gotten all that snow we have heard about. But my parents (in MN) have gotten dumped on the last two weeks..but I hope it all melts soon for you...spring fever has got to be bad about now....
Good luck with the new trailer, thats pretty exciting. Let us know how your trip goes!
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