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Another camping purchase!!!

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I think I need counseling! I keep telling myself I won't spend any more money... and then I find a deal I just "can't resist" and that goes up in smoke right along with my money! :icon_smile_campfire

I snagged a good deal on a "buzz off" shirt for my daughter made by Ex Officio and let me tell you what.... It is one of the finest quality garments I have ever bought. I REALLY REALLY hope it works against the bugs.

The shirt has a fine mesh vent panel in the back and tabs with buttons to be able to roll up the sleeves and button them up. This will work great to make it short sleeved for the sunny daytime and that vent panel will help keep cool also.

I really like it so far. I will keep you guys posted!
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Sounds great. Cant wait to hear how well it works against the bugs. I guess at worse case, its at least a nice quality piece of clothing, in the event it didnt work as great as expected, at least she can still wear it.
The camping economy loves you for it too :)

Hope it works as advertised, that would be great
Hi Kiteri, sounds like a good purchase. I have read about these, what I remember was they did actually work and kept bugs away and were also quite comfortable.

I do remember seeing something about the repellant in them is only good for so many washes, like 20 or something like that. Of course, thats a decent amount, so I wouldnt hesitate to get it, especially if it was a deal.
Yes please let us know how it daughter really get bitten and the 10% DEET (safe in children) doesn't work all that great.
Believe it or not the girls went to the lake today. She was celebrating a birthday so we arranged for her to visit her friend. She was at story time together at the library. That's how they got to know each other. They haven't seen each other for a while because of school. So I didn't know she lived by a lake. They fed ducks and fished along the shore.:10220:
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