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Alcohol and camping

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Is drinking banned at campgrounds you frequent?

All of the state parks and most of the private parks where we camp do not allow alcohol. While we have been known to quietly consume a few regardless, some enforce this rule more so than others.

Since we have members here from all parts of the country, I wanted to see what its like where you camp.
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Up here in Canada there is a growing number of Provincial Parks that will not allow Alcohol on Long Weekends. Mainly due to teen agers camping and partying all night long.

Of course we still smuggle it in but do NOT flaunt it.

Seems to be a growing trend I am afraid.
Thats the way it is around here to. I dont think most of the campgrounds here really care about the mature adults having a drink, they just dont want parties and folks getting rowdy. We have been spotted by the rangers multiple times with a cold one, but they never say anything because we are quietly enjoying it and not showcasing it.
What? You mean people (other than me) actually drink at a campground?? :10309: hehehe
I've found that MAY 24 long weekend here is the weekend that alcohol is banned. Same with other long weekends as well. I avoid camping on long weekends any way. Way to busy. Every campground that I've been to state that Alcohol is allowed but you are not to leave your site with it.
The campgrounds we have been to have banned alcohol, but like camper 121, we smuggle it and don't flaunt it. We usually put it in a red plastic cup. I think some of the rangers know we have it but as long as we are respectful of other campers at the campground, they don't say anything. I am sure if we got loud and unruly they would kick us out the campgrounds.
I could easily live with these rules, we dont travel anywhere anyways (usually). It would be nice for it to just be "ok" to have it, but I am sure that opens the doors for some rowdy activity. Do yall ever see anything get out of hand with that being allowed? Any teenager parties, or rowdy ******** for that matter? :rolling-eyes:

I've found that MAY 24 long weekend here is the weekend that alcohol is banned. Same with other long weekends as well. I avoid camping on long weekends any way. Way to busy. Every campground that I've been to state that Alcohol is allowed but you are not to leave your site with it.
Most of the places I have been dont allow alcohol either, which is ok with me. We like the occasional cocktail ourselves, but there are ways to do it without being caught, which is what we do. By it not being promoted to be allowed, I think it cuts down on the rowdiness for sure.
Out here in California, you have to keep the alcohol limited to your can't walk around with it. Yep, those red plastic cups is what we use :)
There are a few campgrounds with the same rules "alcohol limited to your campsite" but are known as the party campgrounds that you just avoid if you want to sleep at night. I really haven't seen any problems with the campgrounds we've been to. You might here some loud laughing the odd time but their just having a good time. Most of Private parks I've been to, patrol the campground all night long and they just ask people to quite down. Once we stayed at a place for the weekend and there were a few guys really being loud. They were drinking a swearing out loud for my daugter to hear and I guess a couple of seasonal residents had enough. The owner came around countless times to tell them to keep it down. 6:00 in the morning he had the O.P.P. (Ontario Provincial Police) at the camp site. With dogs! They were gone in just a few minutes. What a way to wake up really hung over! Other than that, I really haven't seen anything like that. Everywhere I've been to so far, people have been pretty respectful.
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State parks in michigan it is limited to your campsite. Most privite campgrounds rules are pretty lacks... Some county parks its either banned or limited to your campsite... We like to make slush....
Alcohol is banned from all state parks in PA. We do bring a few beers, but like others said just drink quietly at our site.
Its always been banned where we go too, but we have never had any problems with it, sneakin around. I think as long as your not loud and rowdy and dont have the local church group camping next to you, it should be ok. :)
My Dad always brought some beer with him when we camped. He never got out of control or loud with it. Many had about the same amount in coolers. I never saw anyone out of control. Most people just stayed in the campgrounds.
I have always seen people drinking at the private campgrounds I have been to. The state and federal do have restrictions. I have seen some allow alcohol at certain times of the year, and others that ban it completely. I have found if this is a issue than call ahead to the state or federal park or campground you are thinking to attending and they can tell you the restrictions over the phone. I use to camp with a group that it was important to get a barrell of beer, and so any camping place that did not allow it was not even considered.

Does any one know about NC?
I heard today they are going to start cracking down on it here. Because some teenagers got alcohol poisoning and died.
Has any one else heard this? Most of my camping was in Ga, and Alabama. I think its still legal in those 2. I been back in NC 4 years now and never checked or been spoken too about it while camping. But then again, I camp in national forest like Uwharrie where you need 4x4 to get too.
If the kids are drinking, they obviously don't pay attention to rules. How is imposing more rules on the responsible adults going to effect what the unruly kids do? And we the people let it happen. Crack down on the kids and the kids parents. Maybe kids shouldn't be camping with out an adult present. I wouldn't let my 16 year old daughter go with out an adult. No matter how much she hates me for it. I wouldn't want her drunk in the woods with who know what guys. Whats this country coming to?
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I know that the federal parks in PA allow drinking, but the state parks don't.

I have quietly sipped at an adult beverage (poored in a cup of course) at my state park campsite when the ranger comes around and he doesn't seem to mind.

1. I don't look a day over 35 (I am 32) so he didn't need to card me.
2. The STATION WAGON parked at my site "may" have given him the hint that I wasn't trouble.... he of course couldn't know the true purpose of the Shaggin Wagon!

I really think the "cracking down" comes when a park has troubles, or the camper in question with the beverage may cause problems if alcohol is involved.

We all know the type that roles into the campground with a patchwork tent held up by make-shift poles and a cooler with nothing but beer and steaks!!!! :D And I am not being mean.... I am a true Pennsyltucky girl. I can tell ******* jokes because I am one... I actually used a :icon_smile_outhouse as child!!!

As long as people practice discretion... I think alcohol won't be a problem for them.
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i have sat down with some camphoast and had a few while talking about camping and fishing.
it is all in how you act,and what you drink it in,if you get my meaning. there is no reason to act a fool,just be considerate of others and dont over endulge.:thumbup1:
It depends on campground

I have camped in many campgrounds in Wisconsin and in Oklahoma depending on the campground depended on if alchohol was allowed or not. In Wisconsin in the State parks certain times in the year it is not allowed. Oklahoma never had an issue with having alchohol.l
If drink isn't involved it isn't a camping trip!
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