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Adult Group Camping 2018 Upstate NY/PA

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Hello Camper Community!

Glad to be a part of this forum!
To introduce myself:

I'm Anthony, 28, been a nature lover since I was young. But I live in the city for work and my family.

I've been hosting camping trips since I was 21, starting with a group of 6 and now leading a growing group of 20+ Adults every summer to go camping around the Delaware area.

This year, I decided that it was time to venture out beyond our comfort zone and journey into the unknown. Mostly around upstate new York or Pennsylvania.

I joined this community, hoping to get some information about places to host a group of responsible adults to find the 1 spot to make it our tradition to go too every summer. We are a growing group, mostly have our own families now. But we still want to keep our tradition going, but we are tired of going to the same spot for camping.

Some things about my group:

My group loves to be isolated from nearby town or cities with quick accommodations for necessities. Sure having a wallmart nearby is useful, but we despise anyone new to our group who asks "Oh, is there a wallmart around so I can buy my camping stuff from there?". We tend to let them know that if your willing to go camping with us, to be prepared weeks in advance and not the day of. We also tend to ask the front desk for an area in the camp ground that's isolated from the rest of the campers.

The more hiking trails, lakes, cave dives, forest adventures, etc there are, the more willing we are to go to that place. We have had some unfortunate experiences where we would book a camp ground for 4 days and we find out that there's nothing to do there but sleep in the woods. THAT IS NO ACCEPTABLE. We are all from the city and the last thing we want is to sleep in our tents and not go out in the woods and explore nature ourselves.

Once upon a time, we would go out to camping grounds, bringing a ridiculous amount of alcohol and loud music. Only to find out that the best experience is with talking amongst ourselves, telling stories around a fire, and bringing a bottle of fine wine or new craft beer we never had before. We like to party, but not the way most Adults do these days. We just want to have fun THEN have peace and quiet amongst ourselves.

During our trips, we hire baby sitters for the weekend to get away from our responsibilities. So having kids close by our camping area is not acceptable. Not only do we start missing our young cubs, hearing the laughter of children from afar, but we also start worrying and start convincing ourselves that maybe we should have brought our kids with us, or we should go home earlier. This is not acceptable. I love my children, but 3 days within the year is the only time I get away from them and have some time with my friends. And my friends have also decided that it is reasonable to just have an adult group adventure for those 3 days without the mentioning of our parental responsibilities.

That's about it really. I've hosted enough camping trips to know my limit and to set my expectations to the best of my abilities to accommodate everyone in my group. And so far, we haven't had any problems with anything, other than getting tired of going to the same place every year.

So I ask this community,
Where do YOU think is the rightful place to start a tradition that could support my group of friends?

(I'll be updating this post for places I've camped in as I am going to be camping every 2 weeks to go to a new spot and camping there for 1 night to scout out the area for activities and the right accommodations.)
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I nice to see your post with the name of the places you visited and camping. You are describing it here like a story which I enjoyed a lot.

Last week we went to the top of the mountain for the camping. We used backpacking tents. These tents are my favorite while going in rainy places in the top of mountains and hilly areas. I remember that when last month we went to the top of a mountain near to our home almost 30 minutes drive, It was raining, we used same tents for the stay. These tents are waterproof. 4 person tents are good in size while going with a complete family like me, my wife, my son and my daughter.
That sounds fun. Though I hate going camping when its raining. I know its a natural force that cannot be bypassed, but I choose my days when I do go camping to where the weather is just right. I went camping during a rain storm once when I was 19 with a bunch of my friends. That weekend tested our patience with nature.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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