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A special day

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I'm very proud and I think it's worth sharing with friends that today my wife and I are celebrating our 10th year wedding anniversary and 20th year together anniversary. Yes the same day and in fact almost the hour. We met in high school when she was in grade 9 and I was in grade 10. I knew the second I met her that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her and over the years, we had to go thru some tuff times and tests and so far, here we are today with 2 great kids and a wonderful marriage. Looking back at everything we've been thru, I wouldn't change a thing.

Thanks for taking the time to reading this.
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Congratulations!!!!!! Love makes ALL things possible!

Do you guys have anything special planned?
Thank you. We wanted to go away for a week to the same place we got married in Jamaica but the hotel has been left in ruins as its been closed for the past 7 years. We tried to go on our 5th but couldn't because my dad passed away and I was left to take care of his estate and now finances are keeping us grounded once again but we are going away for the weekend to Niagara Falls. I was thinking of going to Niagara on the lake and taking in a few winery tours. A weekend away from the kids is a nice treat for us. We're hoping in the next couple of years to go away somewhere hot to an all inclusive wonderlad somewhere.
:way-to-go: Antigua, congrats to you and the wife. Hope yall have a great trip, Niagra falls sounds like fun. Who keeps the youngins? Grandparents?
My mother will be staying at my house with the kids this weekend. That way the can sleep in their own beds. Liam has a hard time sleeping whenever he's away from home.
Thats good, the kids are always more cozy at home in their environment and their toys etc.. Nothing like having a grandma that will come to you and keep them!!!
Congrats! I think it is wonderful you are celebrating your 10th anniversary. I am glad you are getting away for a long weekend just you and the wife. I going to Niagara Falls is a great place to celebrate your 10th!
Happy Anniversary

I wish the happiest anniversary to both of you! Twenty years together and ten years married. The Niagara Falls trip sounds so nice. I wish I could babysit for you. I don't mind at all. I am in Hampton, VA, so you might have a little travel time.:10220: Enjoy your anniversary and each other.:thumbup1:

Have a look at this:
Thats great, happy anniversary to you and the misses
You better get home and cook the wife a good dinner tonight....and yall behave tonight, well try to
We said men cooking is a good thing right? They get credit for the work they do. Hopefully, the anniversary went off without a hitch. Have a very Happy Anniversary! Dance nice and slow to a favorite tune, or just gaze into the moonlight.
Men, cooking? You crazy :)
10 years, WOW. Thats great. I havent kept any friends that long, let alone a woman :). maybe one day, that truly is special though, hope yall had a great evening, or still are for that matter :10001:
Thanks everyone. I did make dinner for her last night. A nice candle lit dinner in the dining room. After picking up the kids and going to the store for the wine and a nice card, getting home to feed Liam, Emily, the dog, helping Emily with her homework, giving them both a bath and into their PJ's I was able to get dinner started at 7:20pm. Michelle gets home around 7:45pm which leaves me a little time to get the dinner ready. I had everything ready for 7:44pm and had the bottle of wine on the table. Well she gets home and has a sad face and I can't figure out why. So I asked, What's up? She goes on to tell me that over the years she always hopes I send her flowers to her work and really hoped that this year being our 10th, that I would do it this year. Well..... I didn't! Lesson learned guys, always buy flowers! I didn't at all. But what I did do was call the Hotel that we are staying at this weekend and I bought flower to be in the room when we arrive. I was planning to do that anyway. Oh well! I can't win all the time. She said the dinner made up for it even with the kids interrupting the whole time but hey. That's why we're heading to Niagara Falls for the weekend. I'll leave the rest of the night to myself ;)
Thanks again everyone. :)
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Happy belated Anniversary, sorry I have been swamped and did not check in till now!

Glad you had a nice evening, good tip on the flowers
Sounds like a great evening either way. Got your hands full sounds like, but a good daddy it sounds like too
I agree antigua, flowers are the correct thing to do, regardless of what they may say. We have always had a mutual agreement to not do flowers on valentines day, because its crazy to pay those prices. She is just as happy with them the day after. I realize this is your anniversary, but just an example.

However, the last 2 years I got them on V day anyway, and believe me, it excites them. So I guess my point is, even if they dont expect them, or want them, the only "right" thing to do is get them anyway. No flowers is a 50/50 win/lose situation, having them is 100% win everytime.

I always wondered, and maybe some of the ladies can clarify this. Do you have a fit about the flowers on valentines day because you "really" want them, or JUST because your "supposed" to get them on that day. I think a lot of it has to do with "because i am supposed to get flowers", but that just my 2 cents. Sorry to get a little off topic there :shrug:. Thats ONE of the reasons my lady is special, because it doesnt have to be about what everyone else does, or whatever everyone else thinks, it can be our own way.
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Here's my two cents about Valentines Day. You shouldn't give flowers just because they are expected at that time of the year. They put too much emphasis on this. Flowers, cards, and dinners should be given from a sincere heart. And remember, if you treat her like a queen every day, this won't matter at all.:thumbup1:
Truth be told, my wife hates Valentine鈥檚 Day. It has become so commercialized that you "have" to buy that big diamond ring or that $3000 necklace to keep everyone happy that it just makes her sick. Lucky me:) I guess. Besides it means more to us 5 days later anyway. I agree with you Grace, Flowers, cards, and dinners should be given from a sincere heart and when you do it out of the blue, unexpected, that's when the appreciate it even more. Either that or they think you're cheating on them....LOL....Ya, that's a funny story....Now!.....maybe another time! LOL :)
I agree 100%. Some friends of mine were talking about it the other day, before valentines, and said I have some flowers, reservations booked at a $45/person place, blah, blah... He said, hopefully that will be enough to make her happy. :no:

I just shook my head. But I know his wife, she is 110% the type that its because your supposed to. It meant nothing to him, he only did it to make her happy. What joy is in that?? :shrug:
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