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Hey campers, hope you all doing great. My next camping destination is Caribean Islands. What about yours? Mostly I go for the camping trips with my friends. But this time I have planned a trip with my family. My kids are super excited and they have already packed their bags. I would love to share a recipe here which my wife prepares for my camping trips. A simple and tasty campfire dish.
1) Take a large bowl and combine your favorite boneless meat(chicken), sliced onions, bell peppers sliced into strips, potatoes and a small amount of sliced mushroom.
2) Mix the above ingredients well with olive oil and lemon juice.
3) You could also add some chicken herbs and spices to enhance the taste and flavor.
4) Now, transfer the mix to aluminum foil and double wrap the edges tightly.
5) Cook in the coals of the campfire until the chicken and potatoes are tender around 30-40 minutes.
Here is the delicious and fresh camping food. Waiting for more suggestions and recipes. Have a nice time.
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