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  1. 🔦 New Member Introductions
    Hi folks, am new to this forum. Have been camping for years and always looking for tips on campgrounds and camping in general. We have a tent/popup trailer and really love our camping trips. Would like to find out about more places to go and not just provincial parks...looking forward to new...
  2. 🚍 RV / Camper Discussions
    I have a Parallax Power Converter Series 6400a m/n 6409 (30 amp) in my tent trailer (~1992). I had it tested and it is blown, also the lights look like they overheated at some point prior to my purchase. I changed the bulbs and the converter doesn't work on battery or if plugged in. My dad...
  3. ⛺ Tent Camping
    I just came across this utility trailer-tent hybrid which is on sale in Costco and wrote a short post about it in my blog. Obviously this is not practical for trail trips but perhaps may appeal to families. The price is not cheap. Just curious… what do you think about this product? :scratchhead:
1-3 of 3 Results