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  1. 🫕 Camping Recipes
    Made these the other night, they were wonderful. I just had an assortment of items to put on there: Cherry Tomatoes Purple Onion White Onion Green Bell Pepper Red Bell Pepper Zucchini Squash Mushrooms Pepperoni (Yes, you read that right) Just try it, you will love it! For these, I used...
  2. 🔥 Around the Campfire
    The weather has been nice this weekend, in the upper 60's. So I marinated and grilled some salmon friday night, along with some veggies. Had a campfire in my chimnea and grilled shrimp, backed potato and garlic bread last night, trying to find the pics.
  3. 🫕 Camping Recipes
    2-5 lbs pork loin 1 small bottle of garlic oil Montreal seasoning mix Aluminum Foil Rub the loin with the garlic oil. Coat liberally with the Montréal seasoning. Wrap tightly with three layers of foil or the large cooking bag. Cook over low to medium coals for about 2 hours...
1-3 of 3 Results