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  1. Around the Campfire
    My friends and I got exposed to a DIY campfire alternative on a rafting trip last year. The original idea was named the "Grand Canyon Candle". You can find it on youtube here: We absolutely loved the thing. It puts out a ton of heat, the fire is interesting in the same manner as a...
  2. Camping Tips and Hints
    Hey guys, I recently got a free tactical flashlight that I was super excited about. It was stronger than my mag-lite, and I only had to pay like 3 dollars shipping and handling lol. Anyways I thought some of you may appreciate this so here is a link to the video I followed to get the flashlight...
  3. Camping Discussion
    Hello! I am wondering what people use to store their camping gear? And if you have any recommendations for containers that keep things dry and organized. If you do use something, it'd be great to know what you like and dislike about it. I am just using a cardboard box right now, so very...
1-3 of 3 Results