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fifth wheel

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    I sold my ford f-150 so I'm left with my subaru forester which I need to try if it could carry our small 5th wheel which we seldom use. What type of hitch would be more applicable to smaller cars? The only thing that our local mechanic suggested is to get a subaru hitch so I won't have a problem...
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    Started with a free 1988 Excel 37' fifth wheel. Found quiet a bit of water and termite damage, this is my journey in rebuilding it.
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    Hello there everyone. We are new rvers' Well, the camper is not new but we are!! We have a 1995 5th wheel and love it.
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    Hello! I am searching for a new camper, and have tried many camper websites, but have not found the camper that fits all of our needs. If anyone can help us find the perfect camper that would be wonderful! We would like a camper with: 2 slide outs At...