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  1. 🏕️ Camping Discussion
    I know that times are tough for many but; what do you want/need/desire to help enjoy camping more? ...I try to do as much/many make/do-it-yourself (DIY) projects as possible to keep the costs down. I just ordered the parts to make a second ceiling light for the tent. This one will help light...
  2. 🚍 RV / Camper Discussions
    Started with a free 1988 Excel 37' fifth wheel. Found quiet a bit of water and termite damage, this is my journey in rebuilding it.
  3. 🚍 RV / Camper Discussions
    This article had some cool mods I hadn't thought of, and they're all affordable and pretty low-tech. I love the idea of using magnetic strips to hold silverware and other kitchen things. What mods have you added to your RV that made life a little more comfortable...
1-3 of 3 Results