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  1. 🔦 New Member Introductions
    My wife "D", (yes "just D" as she tells anyone who asks) and I have been enthusiastic campers since we first met twelve years ago. At that time we would pack the station wagon with our gear, dogs, kids, 2 daughters from D's previous marriage as well as a foster daughter and drive to a different...
  2. 🏞️ Campgrounds, Resorts and Attractions
    Hi folks, It is almost that time and I am looking for advice. I am headed from Burlington Vermont to Glacier NP. I think I am going to go across the top of the continent in Canada. I am looking at taking rt 11 and 17 and stopping in the provincial parks. Any one have advice or a must see?
  3. 🏞️ Campgrounds, Resorts and Attractions
    I live in BC and have been going on camping trips here for years. Simply put, British Columbia is a camping paradise. The nature here is just unbelievable - if you travel the province from east to west, you will encounter huge mountains and dense forests, then a desert and dry canyons, and will...
1-3 of 3 Results