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Timberline Outfitter 6

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Old 11-16-2010, 01:49 AM
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Default Timberline Outfitter 6

I'm new to the forum, to make a very long story short, We are looking to get back into camping. We are both in our 50's and our requirements are different from our younger years. The wife has a bad hip and the knee isn't much better. But we refuse to let shortcomings interfere with quality of life. With that being said....

I am looking at the Timberline Outfitter 6 tent. It appears very roomy for a couple of cots, tall enough to stand in (a must for the wife) and it appears to be very durable (4 season tent).

Anyone have any experience with this tent? I remember using a smaller version when I was a scout (before electricity, Im sure) and I was surprised to see this tent still made.

Your comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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Old 11-17-2010, 01:28 PM
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While I have no experience with THAT tent I do have some experience with that style and the drawback to me depends on your tent usage. If you only plan to sleep in it or change clothing in that style of tent then it's pretty pricey. But I don't like them for longer time indoor usage.

The problem is the slope. While there is decent floor size, you can't use that unless you are down low. It humors me when tents claim you can stand in them. But if you can only stand at one or two spots over the course of the floor plan, then what's the point?

I prefer a larger air space so that if the weather is terrible, and you are stuck in the tent, you can sit, stand and move around with others in the tent, too. In poor weather and you accidently tap the sidewalls, then the interior will be as wet as the outside pretty soon. While the four season variety with large air space are more expensive with the dome styles, with the price of this tent, you'll certainly gain more advantage with a larger interior area, especially if you have elevated cots and also need to keep some gear, clothing or other items out of the elements and you want to move around a little bit and not stand in the one spot already taken up by your wife.

If you want to stick with Eureka, they might have other tent styles that satisfy your height needs but provide greater area. Otherwise there are many other brands to satisfy what you are looking for.

Anyway, this is my opinion. When I camp I prefer only sleeping or changing in the tent. If my wife is along, then we'll spend more time in there because the weather might get bad or she is a mosquito and gnat magnet and the tent needs to be larger so we can move around when we are stuck in there. The tents I have are 3 season and large since we don't camp in too much inclement weather. I have a smaller four season tent for backpacking (no standing allowance) and chances of poorer weather, but if she comes along with those possible conditions we use the RV with all the conveniences.

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Old 02-23-2011, 10:32 PM
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me and my wife use this tent for elk hunting,deer hunting,sleeping,eating,and well you get the point.
i have had it up in storms with 60 x miles per hour wind,rain blowing sideways,then snow falling.it held up to all of that more than once,and me and my wife stayed dry,and so did my gear,it is a excelent tent,durable,and strong,my wif and me play cards in it,with a small table and two chairs.
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