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arthur 03-02-2010 07:44 PM

New Member
I'm new to this site but me and my wife has camped for 11 years.We have a 2004 viking pop up.We want to buy a 5th wheel camper this year.We hope to find alot of info on this site.Hope eveyone has a great year.

happiestcamper 03-03-2010 06:00 AM

Welcome aboard :welcome:

mark 03-03-2010 06:02 AM

Hi, welcome to the forum ! I had to chuckle when I read your post.. when I decided to go back to full-timing, I owned a 76 viking and bought a 5th wheel.. I've been a member of this site for awhile now and I can honestly say that you won't find a better site and better people anywhere on the web.... good luck on your search for that 5th wheel

heruide 03-03-2010 06:42 AM


:welcome:to the forum.


l2l 03-03-2010 01:22 PM

Welcome to the forums Arthur

ctfortner 03-05-2010 06:51 AM

Hello and welcome to the forums!

antigua 03-05-2010 07:26 PM

Welcome to the forum

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