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SCPSCP 07-07-2019 08:15 PM

Best Toiletries Holder

I'm going backcountry camping as a part of a camping program, and from my experience so far with camping, I am not sure what the bathrooms are like out there if there are any. I was told that showers and bathrooms would be limited. Now I want to buy a toiletries holder to put all my junk in including stuff like toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo bottles, soap, etc in there, but I'm not sure which would be the best.
My concerns: If I get a hard one, like a plastic or metal one, would it still be possible to fit it in a hiking backpack that I'd be carrying around? Like would it be efficient?
I've also seen some mesh type bags - though I'm not sure if the bathrooms available would have hooks to put them on. I certainly don't want to leave my stuff on the floor.

From all you backcountry people, what do you think?

MacGyver 07-08-2019 07:02 AM

They're pricey as hell, but I highly recommend Pelican cases for just about everything you need to pack for camping. Super rugged construction coupled with a lifetime guarantee make them a winner in my book. This one, with the MOLLE loop system, would be readily adaptable to a backpack.

Denni2 07-11-2019 06:02 AM

It really depends on what kind of backcountry camping you’re doing. If you’re hiking go light weight. Separate ziplock bags. In base camp I like Something like Eagle Creek toiletry bags. They have a big hook and can be hung from a stall door or the side of the sink.
Keep it simple. We carry light weight bandanas to use as wash cloths because they dry fast.

laytonroofing 07-02-2020 06:14 PM

I agree with lightweight - travel bags or zip locks.

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