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artmart 05-15-2012 03:06 PM

Unlike the phrase "there are only two types of 4x4 owners" (one that has gotten stuck and one that will get stuck), and the phrase "there are only two types of Motorcycle riders" (one that has fallen and one that is going to fall), I do NOT believe this to apply to fires. I have never been burned nor do I ever plan to be burned by an type of fire (camp, stove, match, etc.)

I will take garmp's statements as humorous and not fact. I have been burning things for over 50 years and haven't ever been burned or burnt. I do not plan to change this. I've had plenty of other accidents but I am too careful around fires.

On the other hand, when my son was much younger and on a Boy Scout outing he melted the soles of his shoes when he propped up his feet on the stones surrounding a campfire. He finally felt the heat at his toes and when he jumped up in surprise the soles flattened into a melted hot mess and he had to step out of them quite fast because of the heat. So now his shoes are melted and he's hopping around in his socks stepping on sharp stones and twigs eventually falling to the ground. It took a while for everyone around him to stop laughing long enough to help him out. It could have been worse. Fortunately, he didn't fall into the fire.

jason 05-25-2012 06:59 AM

Avoid building campfires under hanging branches or over steep slopes, and clear a ten-foot diameter circle around the fire of all flammable debris.

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