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Sensual Camping!

Posted 10-23-2008 at 11:32 AM by kiteri
Now before you get all excited thinking that our nice clean family oriented community has gone to the dogs...... I mean sensual as "utilizing our senses"... not like a Mariah Carey video definition of sensual!!!!

Research has proven that our senses enhance our memories. A good example might be how the smell of peanut brittle always makes me feel like Christmas because my Gram and I used to make it every Christmas.

Well, I want my children to remember camping forever, so I do certain things that others might not understand.

I purposefully put a handful of leaves on the fire to make some smoke in the morning. I am not talking about making enough smoke to send smoke signals or anything... but in the morning, when the air is still thick with dew and/or fog, the smokey smell sort of lingers on your clothes and in your hair.

It is a smell that reminds my kids of camping, and everytime we burn cardboard boxes in the neighbor's burn barrel they reminisce about camping.

I make sure that we listen to the bugs at night... when there is no refridgerator running or any other noise to drown out the crickets. I make sure we listen to the birds in the morning too!

These are sounds that remind my kids of camping, and they can listen for them everyday at home too.

Food cooked over a campfire always tastes better too. For as much as my kids may turn those little noses up at the "black stuff" on the hot dogs.... they eat every single bite once they get eating!

They aske me when we are eating hot dogs at home why they don't taste as good as when we are camping.

Camping is the one thing I can do with my kids to stimulate their senses, without really having to work all that hard or pay very much money.
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Amen - they are plenty of things my kids will eat when we are camping that they otherwise would never had tried at home. Sometimes when they are fussing about supper (which is usually before they've even tasted it) I'll say it's a camping recipe, and the fussing goes away.

Kind of like my mother telling me one time to east spare ribs, because Lamont (Sanford & Son) ate them
Posted 10-23-2008 at 01:41 PM by happiestcamper happiestcamper is offline

another AMEN

There are so many smells, sights and sounds that remind me of camping from the time I was small camping with my parents on up to this last camping trip. Even the few bad trips are still rememberd with some affection because after time they are a bit funny. I'm glad you are giving your kids some great memories.
Posted 10-24-2008 at 07:21 PM by glenn glenn is offline
ctfortner's Avatar
Ok, dirty mind here, sorry . When I visited this blog, I couldnt help but notice the URL. I will not point it out, for those who still have "clean" minds, I wouldnt want you to come to the dark side....

Posted 11-10-2008 at 10:03 AM by ctfortner ctfortner is offline
antigua's Avatar
LOL!! ctfortner, I'm with you. I'm naturally dirty minded. That being said, lets get back on topic.
Kiteri, you are so right. Whenever we pass a farm in the fall, they're always buning off the fallen leafs and the smoke drifts over the highway and the kids would always say "There must be people camping daddy" Even in the winter when you don't think it could get any colder, someone would have a fire going in thier fireplaces in their homes, they will smell that and with chattering teeth, every year they will ask me if that's a camp fire. Food....well, it's always better when we're camping. They'll eat just about anything I make as long as I make it outside over the fire or stove. But at home....That's a whole different story. I think we go camping so they would eat healthier. One thing I know, when they have kids of thier own and smell the smoke of a campfire or burning leaves, they'll always remember back when they went camping as kids and how much fun we had as a family. They'll want that for their kids too. I know I did. And I'll look back at them with a smile proud that I was able to provide those wonderful memories for them and happy that I shared all those quality moments with them.
Posted 11-11-2008 at 06:14 PM by antigua antigua is offline
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