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Why do we camp?

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Why do we camp?

Posted 07-09-2008 at 08:52 PM by kiteri
Okay... as the price of fuel skyrockets, and the cost of a hotel night stay can't afford to go up because tourism is already suffering, I have to ask the quintessential question for us campers....


Why do we pack up our things, haul them to a plot of dirt in the woods and "set up camp"?

I pose this question for everyone who has ever bit a flashlight in their teeth while their significant other holds the umbrella... all the while turning the crank on the popup, or re-staking the corner of the tent down, or hooking up the RV at the site.


I have formulated my own answers as a tribute to mosquitos bites that look like boils, hair that smells like campfire smoke no matter how much you wash it, and the inevitable blisters accumulated from wood chopping or just campfire close encounters.

I take my family camping instead of to a hotel because my kids are going to remember all the times we:

1. Ran from the bees we tripped over on a hike.
2. Burnt supper to a crisp in the dutch oven
3. Huddled together in a double sleeping bag like a big burrito during a thunder storm
4. Caught the racoons rummaging through our cooler at 2:00 am

And so many other "adversities" that we will have conquered together.

Somehow the I don't see them remembering the adversity of needing to go to the third floor ice machine at the hotel because the one down the hall from our room was out of order.

Conquering adversity together will make us stronger! I am convinced.

This is why I camp!
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I agree. Now I have to be honest, I am a member of the Holiday Inn Priority Club. But I have camped 2 and 3 weeks at a time with all 5 my children in our tents. We have been to Disney World, 6 Flags, Dollywood, and it was fun. But I think what they remember most of all was when we would go on what we call "raod trips". Where you have no plans, no destination, and sometimes you dont even pack. lol You know the unintentional roadtrip. If you asked them where they wanted to go for vacation alot of time they would all scream together...Lets go nowhere. So we would just drive until someone said turn right. When your money was half gone, head back toward home but never take the same route that you came and never use the same route twice. Sometimes we camped, sometimes we got a hotel. And there were times when we just slept in the car or picnic table, where ever we fell asleep. We never thought of it as spending money...we just bought memories. Some were quite expensive some were extremely cheap. But they were all priceless.
Posted 07-22-2008 at 12:44 AM by popadoc popadoc is offline
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I think you're 100% right ! the Adversity and challenges we face together strengthen our bonds with our children. I have taken my 15 year old son camping at least twice a year every year since he was 2. He's learned about nature and the world around us, and feels at home in the wilds, what could be better ?
Posted 11-08-2008 at 01:36 PM by mark mark is offline
If you ask any one of my three kids what their most memorable time was I will bet you it will involve camping. And it will probably be about our yearly primitive trip or our trek from MD to WY and back. Camping gives us the chance to unplug from the world (especially since I do not allow cell phones on our trips) and build strong family bonds and memories. Popadoc, I love your nowhere trips, I am going to implement them this summer, thanks for the great idea!
Posted 04-20-2011 at 06:36 PM by CampingMom3 CampingMom3 is offline
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