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racecple 01-31-2009 11:55 PM

Just a hello from us.(and a funny fishing tale)
Hello from my family to yours.Well it is cold and snow packed and we are darn tired of it allready.So wife and i thought we would say hi and tell you a funny tale from last summers camping.
We were on the Des-Moines River at our favorite camp ground.We tent camp and cook all our meals at camp.Once we are there we fish,trail walk,and just relax.Any way we had gotten a late start that friday night to go to our camp.It is three hours from home so our daughter(6) and grandson 11 asked to stop at McD's for dinner.I said ok as i wanted to get going and not stop till we were there.The kids got chicken nuggets.Now this will be funny soon we promise.When we got to camp it was dark and late so we set up and went right to sleep.I promised the kids we would go fishing at first light.
Just before sun-up i got up and went out and started breakfast for all of us.When it was ready i woke the kids and let the wife sleep in.As we were eating the kids wanted to know about fishing now.I said we would have to wait to go to town and get bait.The look on those two was priceless.You would have thought i had drowned their puppy.I got in the SUV and looked around for anything they could use.I dont do fake man made baits or lures.As i looked around i spotted some chicken nuggets they left from the night before.I thought what the heck even if they didnt get a bite it would make them feel better.And we could get bait as soon as the store opened.
I took them to the river (which runs not 15 feet from our tent site.)And got them ready to fish.My daughter was beside herself and giggleing the whole time.As i got out the (bait)My grandson said "Oh grandpa theres no way we will catch anything with that".I just smiled (knowing he was so sure of himself)and said grandpa knows some secrets you dont know.I cut the Mc nuggets in 1/4's and baited my daughters hook with the first 1/4.I tossed it in and ask my grandson to hold it for a secound till i had the pole holder in the ground.My daughter was setting her chair up as i baited the grandsons hook for him.I no sooner had the chicken on when my grandson started yelling for help and my daughter was jumping around like a nut case.
I thought he had snagged on a tree going down stream(I knew the chicken shouldnt work).I dropped his pole when i saw the one he was holding bent over and jerking him like a rag doll.I took it from him and pulled hard expecting the snag to release.The joke was on me as the fish allmost pulled the rod out of my hands.The grandson was saying over and over again"Oh my god grandpa",and my daughter was holding my belt yelling "I'll help dad I'll help."It took about 8 minutes or so but we finally got this dumb fish in.It was a 10# carp.
As we got it in my wife came out of the tent scared out of her mind.She was laughing at us and telling the kids to calm down.She said we were way too loud for this early.As i turned to her and held up the fish she just stood there and said"how did you get that we dont have bait yet?"My grandson said "We used grandpa's secret grandma."My wife just stared at me as if to say"WHAT SECRET?"I shrugged and said i would tell her later.My daughter was all smiles standing to get her picture taken with her fish.My grandson asked if his pole was ready and i said yes and handed it to him.The guy at the next camp over from ours came over and asked if we were ok?I laughed and said we were fine just landed a big fish and the kids got excited.
I held up the fish and he asked if i was keeping it?I said no was throwing it back as i dont like carp that much.He asked if he could have it as he had a smoker with him and loved smoked carp.I said sure its all yours and picked it up.He whisled and said "now thats a big one."As i turned to hand him the fish my grandson let out a war hoop and yelled for help.His pole was doubled over and he was bent trying to stay on shore.The neighbor and i went to his aide each on a side.We held him as he fought the fish trying to pull him in.He was all smiles as he got it close to shore and i went in to get it the rest of the way in.
It was then again as big as the first and a carp as well.We got it on shore and the grandson was beaming with pride."Look grandma look what i got."She took his picture and said "Ok what is this secret bait your grandpa has?"The neighbor said"Secret bait?I would like to know too.""These fish are huge."I laughed and held up the MCNugget box.He stared and said,"No way."I said "I know fish like chicken liver but never thought they would eat this."I just used it so they kids could fish till we got real bait.""I dont buy it "he said.So i re-baited the grandson's pole and handed it to him.He tossed it in and waited.As i was baiting the daughters pole again he yelled "I got another one grandpa"The neighbor went to his aide and brought in another carp just a little smaller then the other two.I tossed in the daughters pole and set it and her down and turned to help the grandson.I had no sooner went to re-bait his hook when the daughter yelled her pole was acting funny.I reached just in time to grab it from being pulled into the river.As i fought this fish the neighbor yelled he would be right back.I no sooner got this fish in and the neighbor shows back up carring a pole with a grin on his face."Bait me grandpa he laughed."
Well long story(sorry)short we caught 11 carp and 5 channel cat that day.All on chicken Mc Nuggets.My grandson told his folks what happened but they didnt beleieve him.I told him it was our secret.He cant wait to go back this summer and stop at (The Bait Store)on the way to the camp.
Hope everyone is well and looking forward to summer. Racecple and family

l2l 02-01-2009 07:50 AM

Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing that great story.

Mcnuggets huh, who knew :shrug:

bodawg 02-01-2009 11:19 AM

:10220: Good story!

happiestcamper 02-01-2009 12:51 PM

Welcome aboard :welcome:

I wonder if any fast food nuggets would work.

bighabsfan11 02-02-2009 12:21 PM


Originally Posted by happiestcamper (Post 5401)
Welcome aboard :welcome:

I wonder if any fast food nuggets would work.

Now, now, don't mess with success. It must be the MCNUGGETS. A & W, Burger King, anyone else, and you're just playin' with fire. :rotflmao1:

happiestcamper 02-02-2009 12:26 PM

Any of these you're playing with fire - it's called heartburn.

kiteri 02-02-2009 12:44 PM

That is such an amazing memory for you guys!!!! I LOVE camping!

I would say that I will give chick McNuggets a try, but I don't know that I can handle all the excitement! :rotflmao1:

eanddrice 02-02-2009 02:25 PM

That is absolutely hillarious!!! I wonder what McD. would pay for that kind of advertising???

ctfortner 02-02-2009 02:51 PM

Great story, thanks for sharing and a good laugh. Welcome to the forum too!

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