Tips for Preparing for a Fall Camping Trip

Tips for Preparing for a Fall Camping Trip

When the hot summer weather begins to cool and the leaves begin to change color, it is the perfect time to go camping! If you are planning a fall camping trip, you will use many of the same skills and techniques that you used during the summer, but there are some extra things you may need to consider as summer changes to fall.

Simple Tips to Enhance Your Fall Camping Trip

When it comes time to choose a location for your fall camping trip, you may need to put a little more thought into it than you would a summer camping trip. Fall weather can be unpredictable so you should research the average temperature in the area you plan to visit and then pack for your trip accordingly. Here are some other simple tips for making your fall camping trip a success:

Adjust your schedule to accommodate for shorter days. Night comes earlier in the fall than the summer so you may need to set up your campsite earlier in the day than you are used to – you don’t want to get stuck popping your tent in the dark!

Have a plan for keeping warm in case it gets cold – fall weather can turn on a dime and you never know when you might get stuck in the rain. Make sure to pack a rain-proof tent with a full fly and pack layers of clothing so you can add or subtract layers with changing temperatures.

Don’t forget to bring a sleeping pad in addition to your sleeping bag. During the summer you can get away with sleeping on the ground but as the outside temperatures start to cool, the ground will get harder and colder – you’ll be glad to have a sleeping pad on chilly fall nights!

Bring plenty of lighting with you. Because night comes earlier in the fall, you may need to rely more on flashlights in the fall than you would in the summer. In addition to flashlights and candles, you may want to invest in a headlamp and a nice camping lantern.

Have a plan for bad weather days. If the unpredictable fall weather keeps you stuck in your tent all day, have a plan to keep yourselves amused. Bring some travel-sized board games, books to read, and other simple ways to keep busy.

Bring plenty of hearty food. Not only will you be exerting a lot of energy while hiking and doing other outdoor activities, but your body will burn extra calories to keep your body warm. Make sure to start your day with a hearty breakfast and refuel every few hours.

Fall can be a wonderful time of year for a camping trip. The temperatures are more tolerable than they are in summer and you get to enjoy the beauty of color-changing leaves. If you are planning a camping trip for this fall, keep some of the above tips in mind to make your trip a success.

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