Keeping Cool While Camping this Summer

Tips for Keeping Cool While Camping this Summer

Camping is a wonderful way to enjoy the great outdoors during the summer and fall but sometimes the heat makes things a little less enjoyable. If you still want to keep things simple but you don’t want to sacrifice your comfort, there are some simple tips you can try to keep cool while camping this summer.

Summer Camping Tips to Keep Cool

If you want to stay cool while camping this summer, you need to plan ahead. If you have the option to choose when you schedule your trip, try to extend your trip later into the summer or into the early fall when the temperatures will be cooler. If you don’t have the freedom to schedule your trip, try some of these simple tips to keep cool:

Pick a shady campsite. One of the best ways to keep cool while camping is to be mindful about where you place your tent. Pick a shady spot where there are plenty of trees to keep both your tent and your supplies cool. If you have a limited amount of shade, save it for your tent because enclosed spaces like this can get hot quickly.

Plan your wardrobe accordingly. When packing for your camping trip be sure to pack plenty of light-colored clothing. If you have it, choose loose-fitting clothing made of moisture-wicking fabric. You should also consider a hat to protect your face from the sun and some sandals to allow your feet to air out.

Be mindful about scheduling your activities. If you are planning an activity that will keep you out in the sun, try to schedule those activities in the early morning or evening when the temperature will be cooler. For water activities or other activities that don’t expose you to the sun (like caving), plan those activities for the hottest part of the day.

Get creative with your sleeping quarters. If the weather is clear but still very hot, make use of your tent’s ventilation system and sleep with the fly open. Another great option is to string a hammock between two trees and sleep in the open. Just be sure to wear plenty of bug spray to avoid mosquito bites!

Plan your meals for the weather. When you are camping in the heat you probably won’t be interested in hot food. Plan your camping meals based on foods that do not need to be cooked and use foods that will help to keep you hydrated. Fruit salad makes for a great camping breakfast or snack and cold pasta salads are a good option if you need something a little more filling.

Keep yourself cool during activities. Always drink plenty of water while engaging in outdoor activities and get creative about ways to keep cool. Try soaking a rag in cold water and hang it across your shoulders or buy a spray bottle with a battery-operated fan to mist yourself with cool water. You can also try soaking a hat in water to keep your head cool.

In addition to employing some of these simple tips to keep cool while camping this summer you also need to be mindful of heat stroke. Drink plenty of fresh water throughout the day (especially if you are active).

Keep an eye out for symptoms of heat stroke such as rapid heart rate, fast breathing, flushed skin, nausea, and muscle cramps. If you or one of your camping buddies experiences these symptoms, call 911 immediately.

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